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Jykk Japan SNOWSCOOT Freestyle model "STYLE-G"

Mr.Takashi Gaman Jykk Japan belongs rider was free style model STYLE-F produce!
Model reborn is this wide deck model STYLE-G!

limited frame color, board set G2 wide board, front hard rear medium flex set.

Big point of STYLE-G points. G2 board of the new development is standard equipment!
With the G2 board equipped with a very wide, the mounting position of the frame has been expanded to the position of the left and right by 20mm. (Wide pitch corresponding frame & board)
I am led to further stability improved.


Concept of G2 board that riding stable at any place is possible. It has been developed to be able to start a " sense of stability " in all areas of riding in anyway . There is a wide sense as never until now , there is a considerable impact the appearance . Freestyle feeling week .

In places where rough soft , wade the snow in this area , it is a sense of stability distinguished attacked quite . G2 this board definitely If you're power ride at speed .

The Park riding , by of varying the thickness of the board , flex and torsion of the board is now available in a good balance. Want response will come back for sure when you want to use the rebound of the board and fine railroad crossing , and take action . It is the board follow-up of the board with respect to the terrain created a new movement , letting you feel it . You can easily trace the line that I aimed at because I can control while using from one end of the board exactly .

Take full advantage such a G2 board , set and STYLE-G frame , it is the release of the finished car .

MODEL: Style-G
Frame: 6061 aluminum
Fork: 6061 aluminum
Handle: Jykk genuine chromoly handlebar 8 inches Black
Stem: Jykk genuine TYPE-2 Stem Black
Grip: Jykk genuine double lock-on grip Black
Bolt&Bush: Jykk genuine Non-Penetrating Bush
Board: TYPE-G2
Headset: FSA Internal
Weight: 9.5kg

Accessories: handlebar pad, stem pad, top tube pad, new EVA foam
Leashes set, foot strap stainless steel screw, portable tool