SNOWSCOOT COMPLETE MODEL 【Jykk Japan 70 FlashGreen】 [SS15CA70FG]

SNOWSCOOT COMPLETE MODEL 【Jykk Japan 70 FlashGreen】 [SS15CA70FG]

Our Selling Price: US$1,200.00(tax incl.)

Retail Price: US$1,400.00

Shipping packing Weight: 14000g

Item Description

Jykk Japan SNOWSCOOT Allround free style model "70"
Head angle 70degrees Frame shape that was more similar to BMX.
Light weight freestyle scoot!

All aluminium frame and fork.
Very lightweight!

head angle is 70degees QUick and fast feelings
Jykk team rider "Dusan Antalik" was designed, X-1 bmx style boads set.

original rubber carving kit,easy setting and high quality ride.

Frame: 6061 aluminum
Fork: 6061 aluminum
Handle: Jykk genuine Cromoly handlebar 7.5 inches Black
Stem: Jykk genuine Stem Black
Grip: Jykk genuine lock-on grip Black
Bolt&Bush: Jykk genuine Non-Penetrating Bush
Board: TYPE-X1 Hard flex board
Headset: FSA Internal
Weight: 9.0kg

Accessories: handlebar pad, stem pad, top tube pad, new EVA foam
Leashes set, foot strap stainless steel screw, portable tool